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“Not all that is precious is material…”


About us

I could say many things "About Us", about our being two strong women, friends yes, but hard workers, spirited, with days that often resemble a blender running without a lid, an explosion of ideas, creations and collaborations, between of us and with all our fantastic Craftsmen; always positive and smiling, happy and grateful for what we do and in fact we are here to tell about ourselves...


We have with passion and dedication created our brand "Valioso Design", our company of high-level jeweled hair accessories and bijoux which is also the our essence, a bit like the effort that makes us tireless: it might seem like an oxymoron but no, one step at a time, one day at a time we are increasingly closer to the idea that we wanted our future, our work, to have.

Precious and detailed craftsmanship, cared for in every step and form with specific craftsmen in their sector for a design that reflects us, our brand and all our customers who rely on Valioso to always be precious with originality and fashion.


The artisan

We know and appreciate the Indonesian and Balinese tradition. Especially in the north of the splendid Balinese island there are expert artisans handing down their traditions for generations.

After a long year of research, we found a young man whose reputation as artisan preceded him; he is the son of a great woodworking master who started at 6 years old as a self-taught and then passed on all his knowledge to his son.

He constantly follows our enthusiasm and our imagination satisfying our every request, creating the precious products that you see…..handmade means made with hands, piece by piece, day by day.

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