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Fashion Accessories

Valioso Design constantly search artisans, Balinese wood carvers, master gold and silver workers, brass engravers, enamellers, welders, stone setters from all over the world, sharing the same passions: attention to details, the meticulous research of unique pieces, ensuring that every accessory gives unique emotions.



Our master brass representative is Italian and has worked with brass for years. He cleverly cuts, bends, smooths and engraves our jewels manually, composing cynical, sarcastic and ironic messages suiting all the life-moments or state-of-minds, and completely customizable.  
Our first-choice raw brass is not chemically treated, not even with water-based elements to avoid the risk of metal exfoliation; our untreated brass may oxidize slightly, for this reason with recommend taking care of your jewel as a valuable thing to make it lasts over time. For other pieces we instead choose a definitive plating treatment.


Our enamellers are three sisters working with an expert welder. They share wild experience and many contacts that broaden our horizons and bring added value to our beautiful products.

These artisans love their work, and we love the way they perform every enameling step, as the batch at night, the immobile drying…with enthusiasm and loving waiting.

All the enamels are certified without lead, with more than 800 color palettes, to give you a precious, colorful, brilliant and Made in Italy design.



Our clutches are small leather and calf hair handbags. Their oriental style comes from the creation of our trusted Indian artisan who processes the leather with skillful craftsmanship.
A value bag craftmanship can be recognized by the particular and intense scent of leather, plus the softness and refinement of details make our clutches marvelous. How fun is to combine the handbags with our jewels and hair sticks!


Versatile monochrome or multicolor straps which can be used as smartphone lanyard with hand knotted cord provided with wooden or resin snap-hook. Suitable with all type of telephone and also useful as keychain.


Discover the Fashion Accessories

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