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  • Payment
    It is possible to pay via Visa or Mastercard credit card and PayPal. For large quantity orders, dedicated to retailers, it is possible to pay via bank transfer, following a discussion with the sales staff through the contact form.
  • Shipment & delivery
    We ship via Poste Italiane, TNT, SDA and UPS couriers. We cover the entire national territory, including islands. The order tracking code will be sent via email within 24 hours of shipment. Delivery times vary from 3 to 5 working days, for islands an extra 2 working days are considered. Shipping costs is €5.00 for the entire Italian territory, including islands. For shipments to EU or non-EU countries it is necessary to notify the staff in advance to understand the feasibility and any additional costs, through the appropriate contact form.
  • Returns and shipping issues
    Return Procedure: To return a defective or broken product you must contact customer service via the contact form. It will be necessary to provide photographic shots of the defective or broken product and/or damaged packaging in the event of package breakage. It will not be possible to return the money relating to the purchase of the goods, instead a model from the same line or a product of the same cost will be sent, at Valioso's expense, without further outlays. Valioso reserves the right not to accept a return request in the event of suspected fraud.   Shipping Issues: In the event of an undelivered shipment or problems relating to changes of address or storage, it will be necessary to contact the customer service of the provider sending your shipment: Poste Italiane at keeping the shipping number provided close at hand; TNT at keeping the shipping number provided close at hand; SDA at keeping the shipping number provided close at hand; UPS at the address keeping the shipping number provided close at hand.   In the event of loss of the shipment by the courier, Valioso is not responsible for the shipment after having handed over the package to the courier, therefore the responsibility is attributable solely and exclusively to the cour
  • Manifacturing
    The Valioso products are the result of collaboration between Italy and Indonesia. The design of the product, the research of materials and finishes is done entirely in Italy by our Jewelry Designers, while the assembly of the finished product is carried out in Bali by our Craftsman in his laboratory. Before being put on the market, all products are checked and boxed in Italy, so as to maintain all the high Valioso standards.
  • Technical details of the products
    The Valioso accessories are made up (in the case of the hair sticks) of a wooden section (coming from Indonesia) which varies from 15 to 17cm, where at the top there is a jewel decoration, in stones, semi-precious stones, glass, pressed and hand-ground glass, or other materials such as shells and metals depending on the model chosen; the single product information contains the specifications of the materials for further information.   All Valioso accessories are designed and produced entirely by hand with a patented and artisanal process, which is why it is impossible to identically replicate the details of the individual models.
  • Usage
    All the Valioso accessories have a specific weight for each model, described in the details of the individual product. Our hair sticks have the peculiarity of not weighing on the skin or hair, not "tearing", not "getting caught", and have a notable hold, ensuring that the hairstyle is kept intact even when moving.
  • I want to sell Valioso products in my shop
    If you are interested in selling our product in your stores, we have a dedicated Business channel for you. Contact us at by sending an email containing your tax details and our sales representatives will immediately contact you and send all the necessary information.
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